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PLC Siemens Automatic Rotomolding Machinery for Max Product Volume of 50000L

PLC Siemens Automatic Rotomolding Machinery for Max Product Volume of 50000L

Siemens Automatic Rotomolding Machinery

50000L Rotomolding Machinery

PLC Siemens Rotomolding Machine

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CE, ISO9001

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Product Details
Operation Mode:
Rotating Speed:
Total Power:
Max Product Weight:
Burner Capacity:
500000 Kcar
Max Mold Weight:
Product Name:
Shuttle Rotomolding Machine
Clamping Force:
Control System:
Cooling System:
Environmental Protection:
Heating System:
Maintenance Mode:
Molding Area:
Molding Speed:
Noise Level:
Power Supply:
Processing Method:
Safety System:
Product Description

Product Description:

The Shuttle machine is suitable for produce large size products. It allows for various orders to be produced at the same time with the same machine. The machine can easily switch between moulds during production and also gives the freedom to make different thickness products with its two arms, or when the shapes of the molds vary. The Shuttle machine is versatile for all types of rotational molding products, such as Water Tank,Oil Tank,Military Box,Lampshade,Urea Tank,Inspection Well,Roadblocks,Float, Auto Parts,Kayak,Boat, Trough,Calf Barn,and Septic Tank and so on.

The Shuttle machine has three kinds of work-arm for choice: straight-arm,L style offset arm or C style offset arm. It also has three kinds of heating methods for choice: natural gas, liquefied gas or diesel oil. It's patented insulation heating chamber effectively reduces energy consumption and lower the production cost. Each work-arm runs independently, to reach the highest production efficiency. It also has interlock function which ensures the machine runs safety and stability, as well as real-time monitoring the temperature of heating chamber to ensure quality control. The Shuttle machine also has features such as Process formula can be stored for convenient for production management, Siemens fully automatic PLC and multiple functions Touch screen to make it easier to operate and Auto inspection of breakdown to make maintenance and repair easier. Lastly, it offers remote fault diagnosis, a convenient assistance to help solve any issues.

PLC Siemens Automatic Rotomolding Machinery for Max Product Volume of 50000L 0


  • Product Name: Shuttle Rotomolding Machine
  • Max Mold Weight: 1000kg
  • Rotating Speed: 1-8rpm
  • Burner capacity: 500000 Kcar
  • Operation Mode: Automatic
  • Max Mold Size: 2000*1500*1000mm
  • Rotational Molding Equipment: Yes
  • Rotomolding Machinery: Yes
  • Rotary Moulding Machine: Yes

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Detail
Cooling Station 1
Carriage 2
Max Mold Weight 1000kg
Total Power 40kw
Max Product Weight 500kg
Operation Mode Automatic
PLC Siemens
Cycle Time 15-30min
Control System PLC
Max Product Volume 50000L
Rotomolding Machinery Shuttle Rotomolding Machine
Rotary Moulding Machine Shuttle Rotomolding Machine
Rotomolding Equipment Shuttle Rotomolding Machine


If your business is looking for a reliable and high-performance rotational molding equipment, YINGCHUANG, from CHANGZHOU, is the perfect choice. With its CE and ISO9001 certification, YINGCHUANG's Shuttle Rotomolding Machine can be delivered within 30 to 60 work days and a maximum of 5 machines are available per month. It has a rotating speed of 1 to 8rpm, a cycle time of 15 to 30 minutes, one cooling station and a PLC control system. This makes the Shuttle Rotomolding Machine a versatile and reliable choice for your production line.



Shuttle Rotomolding Machine
  • Brand Name: YINGCHUANG
  • Place of Origin: CHANGZHOU
  • Certification: CE, ISO9001
  • Delivery Time: 30--60 work days
  • Supply Ability: 3-5 machines per month
  • Product Name: Shuttle Rotomolding Machine
  • Cycle Time: 15-30min
  • Max Product Weight: 500kg
  • Cooling Station: 1
  • Max Mold Weight: 1000kg

YINGCHUANG provides Shuttle Rotomolding Machines, specifically designed for rotary moulding applications. Our Shuttle Rotomolding Machines come with CE and ISO9001 certifications, and have a delivery time of 30-60 work days. We guarantee a supply of 3-5 machines per month. The Shuttle Rotomolding Machines have a cycle time of 15-30min, and a max product weight of 500kg. Each of our Shuttle Rotomolding Machines come with one cooling station, and a max mold weight of 1000kg.



Q: What is the brand name of Shuttle Rotomolding Machine?
A: The brand name of Shuttle Rotomolding Machine is YINGCHUANG.
Q: Where is the place of origin of Shuttle Rotomolding Machine?
A: The place of origin of Shuttle Rotomolding Machine is Changzhou, China.
Q: Does Shuttle Rotomolding Machine have CE and ISO9001 certifications?
A: Yes, Shuttle Rotomolding Machine has CE and ISO9001 certifications.
Q: What is the delivery time of Shuttle Rotomolding Machine?
A: The delivery time of Shuttle Rotomolding Machine is 30-60 work days.
Q: How many Shuttle Rotomolding Machines can be supplied monthly?
A: We can supply 3-5 Shuttle Rotomolding Machines monthly.

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