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220V/380V/440V Rotary Moulding Machine With PLC Control System

220V/380V/440V Rotary Moulding Machine With PLC Control System

440V PLC Rotary Moulding Machine

Automotive Class Shuttle Rotomolding Machine

Adjustable Speed Rotary Moulding Machine

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CE, ISO9001

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Product Details
Operation Mode:
Cycle Time:
Product Name:
Shuttle Rotomolding Machine
Rotating Speed:
Applicable Industries:
Manufacturing Plant
Max Product Volume:
Total Power:
Advisory Service
Control System:
Cooling Method:
Air Cooling
Cooling Power:
Heating Method:
Electric Heating
Heating Power:
Max Mold Size:
Mold Closing Force:
Mold Opening Stroke:
Molding Cycle Time:
Molding Method:
Rotational Molding
Production Capacity:
Product Description

Product Description:

The oven adopted by Yingchuang Rotomolding utilizes an inner circular oven structure, making full use of its high space utilization while reducing energy consumption.

To achieve this efficiency, the oven employs a fabricated structure — the oven is divided into 4, 5, or 6 pieces of assembly.

The heating method employs the principle of hot-gas-raising, resulting in a faster heating, higher efficiency and greater energy savings.

The burner was obtained from the Italian Liya Road brand.

The control system utilizes a Siemens S7-1200 network cable communication method to collect data, effectively replacing the traditional wired method and producing a more aesthetically-pleasing line.

Instead of the conventional low-voltage electrical appliances, Germany Schneider configurations are used for enhanced stability and durability.

The machine is additionally equipped with a remote maintenance module, allowing Yingchuang Rotomolding personnel to monitor the operations of machines in overseas locations through the internet.

Furthermore, all motors are fitted with Siemens variable frequency control to increase the service life and age of the motor and reducer, with the gearbox adopting famous domestic heavy-duty gearbox.

The interactive system is easy to use, taking the form of a "fool-operated" interface, and all transmission parts are geared to improve both stability and efficiency of the machine, in addition to providing a longer service life.

Finally, Yingchuang Rotomolding accept the personal customisations and design of all customers based on their needs, and is determined to achieve customer satisfaction.

220V/380V/440V Rotary Moulding Machine With PLC Control System 0


  • Product Name: Shuttle Rotomolding Machine
  • Total Power: Advisory Service
  • Operation Mode: Automatic
  • Control System: PLC
  • Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant
  • Keywords: Rotary Moulding Machine, Rotomolding Machinery, PLC

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Technical Parameter
Shuttle Rotomolding Machine Max Product Volume: 50000L
Operation Mode: Automatic
Voltage: 220V/380V/440V
Control System: PLC
Rotating Speed: Adjustable
Cycle Time: 15-30min
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant
Total Power: Advisory Service
After-sales Service Provided: Video Technical Support, Free Spare Parts, Field Installation, Commissioning And Training, Field Maintenance And Repair Service, Online Support


Our machine is applicable for multiple usage, including:

1. Military class: It is capable of producing heat insulation box, instrument box and medical box.

2. Automotive class: We are able to manufacture tank, car base, car shell, automobile tail box and fender.

3. Clean class:Our products can be applied to making of washing machine, cleaning machine, bathtub and polishing machine

4. Lining class: We are capable of construction for solar crystal liner and steel pipe lining.

5. Traffic facilities: Barricade and road barrier are all within our production range.

6. Water tank and drums are part of our production as well.

7.Public environment class: trash, leisure chair, flowerpot and mailbox can all be done by us.

8. Toys: we can supply slide, shopping cart, go-kart and pets room.

9. Aquatic products: water platform, kayak and floating box can also be manufactured by our machines.



Shuttle Rotomolding Machine

Place of Origin: CHANGZHOU
Certification: CE, ISO9001
Delivery Time: 30--60 work days
Supply Ability: 3-5 machines per month
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant
Rotating Speed: Adjustable
Cycle Time: 15-30min
Total Power: Advisory Service
Product Name: Shuttle Rotomolding Machine

Yuyao YINGCHUANG Rotomolding Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of rotomolding machinery, rotomolding equipment, Rotational Molding Equipment for various industries. Our Shuttle Rotomolding Machine can be customized to meet customers' individual demand. It is equipped with adjustable rotating speed and cycle time of 15-30min. We are committed to providing high quality products and professional advisory service to meet your specific requirements.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Shuttle Rotomolding Machine

The Shuttle Rotomolding Machine is carefully packed using durable and reliable packaging materials. The machine is wrapped with shock resistant materials and placed in a sturdy box. The box is further secured with strapping and padding to ensure its safe arrival.

The Shuttle Rotomolding Machine is shipped via ground service. The delivery time may vary depending on the destination.220V/380V/440V Rotary Moulding Machine With PLC Control System 1

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