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Customized Roto Moulded Water Tanks Impact Resistance Guaranteed

Customized Roto Moulded Water Tanks Impact Resistance Guaranteed

Roto Moulded Water Tanks

Customized Roto Moulded Water Tanks

Impact Resistant Rotomould Water Tanks

Place of Origin:

Jiangsu, China

Brand Name:

YingChuang Rotomoulding


CE, ISO9001

Model Number:

Ying Chuang

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Product Details
200L To 50 000 Liter
UV Resistance:
Roto Molding
Impact Resistance:
Chemical Resistance:
Temperature Range:
-30°C To +60°C
UV Stabilized:
2 Years
Product Description

Product Description:

China ROTOMOLDING material --LLDPE

The LLDPE material used in China rotomolding is known to be moredurable and UV resistant. For this type of truck leg tank, the design provides maximum capacity with the lowest centre of gravity, making it the most suitable design for transporting large quantities. The leg design includes moulded-in legs and flow-through baffles which help reduce sloshing and ensure increased stability during transport.

Additionally, support bands on the body of the leg tanks can be added upon request. A fitting for drain can also be provided from factory. The horizontal leg tanks are the most suitable tanks for hauling on a trailer.

Customized Roto Moulded Water Tanks Impact Resistance Guaranteed 0Customized Roto Moulded Water Tanks Impact Resistance Guaranteed 1


Outstanding Features Of Water Storage Tanks

Our water storage tanks come in a range of capacities, from 200L to 50,000 liter. The tanks have been innovatively designed to provide maximum durability; they are manufactured from heavy duty galvanised skid frame and have certified lifting points for crane or forklift.

For those that require an extra layer of safety, optional UV filtration provides a hassle free potable water solution. The durable polyethylene tank will not rust, and there is a removable pump cover in addition to a commercial pressure pump plumbed to the tank.

Water storage tanks are exceptionally versatile and are suitable for a range of applications, from shower and washrooms, ablution buildings, kitchens, construction sites and even public events.


Technical Parameters:

Parameters Details
Bailey Rotomould Water Tanks Roto moulded water tanks for sale
Capacity 200L To 50 000 Liter
Durability High
Impact Resistance Yes
Material PE, HDPE, LLDPE, Polyethylene, Plastic
UV Resistance Yes
Maintenance Low
Size Customized
Chemical Resistance Yes
Tech Roto Molding


We specialize in chemical storage, mixing, and transport, providing solutions for a range of needs. These include above ground cisterns for residential safe drinking water, rainwater harvesting, and long-term water storage. We also offer emergency potable water storage, fire protection water tanks, and farm irrigation water tanks.

Water is essential in order to live and maintain a safe environment, and our tanks offer the storage and transport necessary for drinking and other purposes. We prioritize safety and provide customized solutions to meet your needs. We guarantee that all of our tanks are designed to meet all of the local health and safety requirements and codes.

No matter your need, contact us for our reliable and long-lasting water tanks. Our experienced staff can provide you with an efficient solution while maintaining industry standards of quality and safety.



YingChuang Rotomoulding Roto Mould Water Tanks

  • Brand Name: YingChuang Rotomoulding
  • Model Number: Ying Chuang
  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
  • Certification: CE, ISO9001
  • Packaging Details: Wooden box, packaging cotton
  • Delivery Time: 30 work days
  • Capacity: 200L To 50 000 Liter
  • Material: PE, HDPE, LLDPE, Polyethylene, Plastic
  • Tech: Roto Molding
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Size: Customized

Our YingChuang Rotomoulding Roto Mould Water Tanks are made of PE, HDPE, LLDPE, Polyethylene, Plastic, and feature a low maintenance, customized size, and a capacity of 200L to 50 000 Liter. Our tanks come with a CE and ISO9001 certification and are made through roto molding technology. We guarantee delivery within 30 work days and package our tanks in wooden boxes with packaging cotton.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping of Rotomould Water Tanks:

Rotomould Water Tanks are packed and shipped in secure, durable boxes made from corrugated cardboard. To ensure the tanks remain undamaged during transit, we use bubble wrap to protect the tanks from any shocks or impacts. The tanks are then placed in the boxes using foam inserts to provide additional cushioning. The boxes are then sealed with tape to ensure the tanks remain secure and intact during transit.

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