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220V-480V Rotary Moulding Machine With inner Circular Oven for producing cooler boxes

220V-480V Rotary Moulding Machine With inner Circular Oven for producing cooler boxes

Circular Oven Rotary Moulding Machine

CE Standard Rotary Moulding Machine

220V Rotational Moulding Machine

Place of Origin:

Jiangsu, China

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Product Details
Advisory Service
1 Year
Packaging Material:
Food, Beverage, Commodity, Medical, Chemical, Machinery & Hardware, Apparel, Textiles
Advisory Service
22kw, 52kw, 58kw, 62KW
Mould Thickness:
Heating Power:
Machine Size:
Machine Weight:
Stainless Steel
Max. Mould Diameter:
Max. Mould Height:
Max. Mould Thickness:
Max. Mould Weight:
Max. Production Capacity:
Motor Power:
Mould Size:
Power Supply:
Product Name:
Rotary Moulding Machine
Rotary Speed:
Product Description

Product Description:

In order to meet customer demand, we first determine the technical information needed to produce efficient and reliable equipment. This includes relevant drawings, data, models and configurations. After mutual agreement between both of us on the solution, we would sign a legal document (a supply contract), and after that begin to arrange production of the equipment, such as cutting, welding and assembly according to the technical drawings. After everything is done and the equipment passes the tests, customers will come to the factory for acceptance. After that, we at our factory will disassemble, package and load the equipment into containers to be transported to the specified port. Afterwards, we will send our factory personnel to the customer's location within a week after receiving the equipment to guide installation, commissioning, production and training until the entire service is completed.

220V-480V Rotary Moulding Machine With inner Circular Oven for producing cooler boxes 0


The oven of Yingchuang Rotational Plastic Factory adopts an inner circular oven structure which allows for maximum space utilization and energy efficiency. It is divided into 4 or 5 and 6 pieces and is fabricated in structure. Heating is also efficient due to the hot gas going up principle. To add to that, German Schneider is employed for low-voltage electrical appliances, and all motors are equipped with Siemens variable frequency control to increase their service life and age.

Moreover, imported burner of Italian Liya Road brand is utilized in the oven, and the control system gathers data over a Siemens S7-1200 network cable. This reduces the complexity of the conventional wiring process, with a beautiful line layout. Additionally, the machine has a remote maintenance module with which the owners can manage all equipment remotely via the internet. All transmission parts also use geared technology which makes the running more stable, efficient and increases durability. Finally, the operation panel is designed for fool-like operations, making it easier to use.


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Product Name Rotary Moulding Machine
Voltage 220V-480V
Packaging Material Plastic
Weight Advisory Service
Mould Thickness 0-50mm
Condition New
Key Selling Points Multifunctional
Applicable Food, Beverage, Commodity, Medical, Chemical, Machinery & Hardware, Apparel, Textiles
Control System PLC
Power(W) 22kw, 52kw, 58kw, 62KW
Rotary Moulding Machine Roto moulding machine, Rotary Moulding Machine Price


Are you searching for a reliable rotational molding equipment for manufacturing? Yingchuang rotational molding machine is your ideal choice. Our Rotary Moulding Machine is certified with CE standard, equipped with PLC control system and has multi-functionality. It can work with voltage range from 220V to 480V. Furthermore, the weight of the machine is definitely within your advisory service.

Yingchuang rotomolding machine is a professional rotational molding machine that can work with different materials. It is widely used in the manufacturing industry, including producing large hollow plastic parts or pieces with complex and irregular shapes, such as automatic parts, large water tanks, chemical barrels, playground slides, and other products. With its high accuracy, high efficiency and excellent performance, our Rotary Moulding Machine is definitely your best choice for your manufacturing industry.



Custom Rotary Moulding Machine from Yingchuang

Get Rotary Moulding Machine tailored to your requirements from Yingchuang, a leading rotational molding equipment manufacturer in China. Our rotomolding machine is CE certified and comes with a 1 year warranty. Our customized machines are of new condition and can be powered with power ratings of 22kw, 52kw, 58kw, and 62KW. The voltage range is 220V-480V.


Packing and Shipping:

The Rotary Moulding Machine is packaged in a wooden crate for shipment. The crate is designed to protect the machine from damages during transport. It should be noted that the lid of the crate should be secured with screws.

The Rotary Moulding Machine should be handled with care as it is a delicate electronic device. It should be placed in the crate in an upright position. To ensure that the machine is secured during transport, it should be secured with straps.

The crate should be labeled with the address of the customer, the gross weight of the package and “FRAGILE” in large letters. The address should also be included in the paperwork that accompanies the shipment.

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